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I got out of bed around 12ish.  After that I went to campus but with the intentions of tanning.  So I skipped my chem class and went to belle isle with jennifer.  Before that, Danica swiped us some f00d with jeff as well. Thanks you weird ass fucker haha.  After that we went to kroger to get some alcohol.  We got two cases of strawberitas.  Jeff still owes me my change T_T.  We went to belle isle afterwards.  A whole bunch of people were there and tryna rob me too cause I was carrying the cooler with alcohol.  A whole bunch of people were just mooching like wtf but I didn’t want to seem stingy or anything so I didn’t stop them.  Like I wouldn’t give a fuck if they threw down slightly cause it’s something atleast.  Also what pisses me off even more is people that don’t finish there shit, like its fucking free, atleast finish it; and on top of that, it’s a fucking Straw-ber-rita.  That shit’s small as fuck, 8fl oz, like come on. What the fuck? After that Jen and I left everyone and we just went to a different rock, the one Jen ideally wanted to go to.  So we chilled there for a bit and then left a little later than everyone else.  After that we went to my house and smoked.  After that we decided to go to a football game. It was FACT vs VSA.  I didn’t pay attention cause I didn’t care.  After that Jen and I went to canes to find a swiper.  I couldn’t find one at first and jen found one upon entering basically.  I found it fucked up if she were to swipe just for herself and shit cause even if I had a swiper, I;d feel bad if it wasn’t fair so I was about to fucking leave since it wasn’t fucking fair, but I found myself a swiper… If i didn’t I would’ve left cause that’s fucking unfair as shit but I found a swiper so it was okay.  After that we went to Jens to chill and I ended up crashing.  

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