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Started the day off pretty late ish.  But started it off right by smoking before class.  Went to campus and turns out I forgot my bike lock.  I was so pissed.  But I asked JC if I could lock my bike up next to his so yeah. Everything worked out in the end.  After class I did a short writing assignment that was due at like 5 and Tiffany was helping me by making sure I wasn’t distracted and what not. Thanks tiffany! (: After that Tiffany and I went to class and after class she swiped me pasta cause she said she would if I finished the assignment.  S/O to Tiffany for the swipe! <3 I chilled at commons for a bit.  I found out some shit I really wish I didn’t today.  I just wish I could reverse time now/ go back in time and shit and change shit up.  Like really, I really really wish I could do that.  Man I’m just so fucking despondent right now. Like god fucking dammit, fuck everything.  I went to the gym with ronnie and we did back and legs. God dammit my fucking back is killing me.  After that I chilled at the library for a bit to say whats up to my niggas and shit.  I went with andy to get his bike shortly after.  After that I headed home but went to 1315 instead to chill with ronnie and cause Isiah, Dan, and Audrey are coming tonight. So as I got to 1315, turns out jen was there and shit.  So we went to her house to pick up her hookah.  We came back and then smoked for a bit.  Isiah, Daniel and Audrey came not too long after.  Around 1 ish we went on a cookout run. Haha tonight was fun.  We were all being racist as fuck the whole night.  Throwing niggers around like it was nothing haha. Shit the shit I heard tonight just had me so fucking weak.  I ended up going home at like 5.  

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